What is Chratos?

Chratos (CHR) is the digital version of Oergoed. Oergoed develops and realizes the best organic food, the cleanest air, the best water, sustainable energy and circular construction methods. We trust we háve and cán do something for the future of our children and the children of our children, otherwise those children won’t have a world to live in. Oergoed & Chratos is the alternative.

Chratos (CHR) entitles you to co-ownership, a participation in our 5% revenue share that’s distributed live every time a payment comes in among all shareholders of Chratos and Oergoed and lastly a vote in our delegated voting system that determines the “custodian” of Oergoed & Chratos.

These silver coins will on one side have the Tree of Life and on the other side have Jesus. In 2,000 years nobody has done this, because you would have to be 100% honest.

Chratos will also combine our webshops, stores, decentralized exchange, festivals, schools, animals, biological dynamic farms, solar energy, games etc. to our revenue sharing system.
We are sharing 5% of our revenue among all holders of Chratos (CHR).

Eventually Chratos will turn into a fully decentralized system that entitles holders of Chratos (CHR) to legal ownership of Chratos, Oergoed and all it’s endeavours. We aim to have this completed on 10-10-2020.


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We believe that acquiring and using Cryptocurrency should be easy and accessible. To achieve that we're developing a Decentralized Exchange. We're also working on being able to accept fiat currency for our Chratos coin.


Chratos builds and invests in passive income projects. We pass those earnings onto the holders of our Chratos Coin. We want everyone to be able to benefit from Chratos + Oergoed.


What is Oergoed?

Oergoed is a Trading Company, Foundation and Community. Oergoed provides people with 100% honest biological dynamic food, housing, energy, work and abundance for everyone and everything, everywhere.

Oergoed will be 100% self-sufficient starting 10-10-2020 and will do all this without old sunlight (oil, gas and plastic). We will use new sunlight, like manpower, horses, sailboats and electrical vehicles from electrical scooters to electrical trucks and loaders.

Oergoed is designed as The Great School where we all Play, Learn and Work together to make this world a better place. All while being 100% honest to our brothers and sisters, animals and planet.

The entire project is founded by two brothers from Witharen, the Netherlands. Rasta and Broer. They promise to people and to God to finish this project. They promise to record and broadcast everything from daily work to how the animals are treated in order for everyone to keep the brothers to their promise.

Oergoed already has in co-ownership:

  • 2 hectares estate, Oergoed in Witharen
  • Shelter in a villa for children that need immediate care.
  • Biological Dynamic store in Witharen (almost finished)
  • Biological Dynamic Restaurant in Witharen (almost finished)
  • Biological Dynamic store in Kampen (running for 10+ years)
  • Biological Dynamic glasshouse 400 m2 in Witharen.
  • Biological Dynamic Art Garden
  • Biological Dynamic Employment Agency
  • Biological Dynamic Taxi and Transportation Company
  • Biological Dynamic Trading Company
  • Multiple Webshops, like Oergoed.com or Rastakendama.nl
  • Blockchain-system, comparable to Bitcoin, only much better.
  • Biological Dynamic Festivals and events, like BigBangKendama.com
  • TV Channel, Radio Station (currently being built).
  • Energy Supplier with 100% solar energy from our own solar panels.

Chratos Trade: Decentralized Exchange

Our development team is hard at work building a brand new decentralized exchange. What this means is the exchange will be run and owned by the Chratos coin holders. Because the exchange is decentralized there will be no central servers to hack, and no wallets to steal coins from. All revenue generated by this decentralized exchange will be shared with Chratos (CHR) holders again.

We're also working with our legal team to setup a company to allow us to accept fiat (USD/EUR/ETC) currency for crypto. We want everyone, everywhere to have easy access to cryptocurrency as we believe it is the future of money.


Oergoed: biological dynamic farms

Our biological dynamic farms produce everything from clothing to food and from sustainable construction contracts to delivering food door-to-door and to markets with horse and carriage. Solar energy with batteries so we can service neighbors with solar energy. Electrical loaders and trucks bringing and moving honest materials we will use to build beautiful things. Recycling divisions dedicated to cleaning our planet and re-use materials. Because of the way this system is setup we will be able to expand very fast and train people on how we do things. Our TV Channel will have daily content sharing all the knowledge for free and showing everyone, everywhere there is another way to do things.

Oergoed Cooperation

To create a fair share for a cooperation, we believe it has to be clear from the beginning how many shares there will ever be, maximum. This amount will be 31,557,600. This is the amount of seconds in an astronomical year. Every share will be sold for 10 euro per share and in case not all shares are sold on the 10th of may 2019, the unsold shares will be forever destroyed. Never will there be created more shares than that are sold until the 10th of may 2019.

We also have a physical share that can be pre-ordered in your backoffice. Silver, gold, platina. In case of a worldwide computer breakdown, you’ll always have precious metals left. These physical shares will also be chipped, so it can function as your own bank, that only you can access. Physical Chratos shares are available for pre-order now and will be send to your home somewhere in 2019.

Membership and shares are available for purchase via wire transfer or Bitcoins.

Everything the cooperation acquires and controls, will be connected to this live accounting system. Energy we generate from our solar panels, food we sell with horse & carriage, various webshops we own, biological dynamic farms, online games, exchanges, festivals, land etc.
Everything that is purchased by Oergoed, is purchased without a loan and Oergoed will never take or give out a loan. Loans create slaves and we want free men and women. Oergoed trusts in co-ownership.

Please mind that every time somewhere in the world revenue is being generated from any of these activities that 5% of that revenue is being shared live with all shareholders of the cooperation around the world. The more shares you own, the higher your share would be in the entire pool obviously. The other 95% of the revenue is being reinvested back to acquire more land, farms, stores, electrical vehicles, animals etc. so we can help more people.


Our Chratos (CHR) cryptocurrency will be tied to a physical silver coin with a chip. This silver coin will then have intrinsical value in the form of its silver, but on top of that it will function as a physical wallet loaded with Chratos (CHR). As revenue shares are being paid out, it will be sent directly to your silver wallet. All day, every day.

Oergoed and Chratos believe in a world where we put real examples on our money. So we decided to put the Tree of Life on one side of the coin and Jesus on the other side of the coin. Nobody has put Jesus on a coin in 2,000 years, but now is the time. The world is ready for a new system. A fair alternative to today's financial system.

These coins will be patented, minted and shipped as soon as possible. These coins will be available for pre-order from your Chratos backoffice or via the Oergoed webshop.

More About Us


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) or Questions and Answers (Q&A), are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context

Chratos (CHR) is the platform that serves as the link between the online and physical world of a project designed to make the world a more honest place, with Oergoed providing people with 100% honest food, housing, energy, work and abundance for everyone and everything, everywhere.
We are a group of people worldwide working together to make this dream a reality. We almost have 100 people already in our team.
Because of the way we work and live we can already do amazing things with just a little bit of money. We will teach this system to others so everyone can pass it forward.
This is real. We promise to make this project a reality to you and to God.
The founders of this system are two brothers from Witharen, Rasta and Robert.
The basics around our system is creating self-sufficient cycles combining the old and the new.
Using only long-term abundance methods and cooperation, instead of working from shortage, debt and ego.
For more detailed information you can read our White Letter or see one of our videos.
A White Letter is our letter to humanity that explains why we are doing what we are doing and why a change is needed in order to have a fair life for everyone and everything, everywhere.
Where you put your love, attention and energy is what will grow into something beautiful.
As we are putting our love, attention and energy into this, we are asking and giving you the opportunity to join us.
Even if you’re on the other side of the world.
This will become a worldwide project with this system implemented all over the planet creating honest food, housing, energy, work and ownership for everyone and everything, everywhere.
We have created a decentralized, honest physical system with a revolutionary blockchain technology.
We use an energy-efficient method by using Proof of Stake (PoS).
There will only ever be as many tokens as there are seconds in an astronomical year (31,557,600).
During our crowdfunding 25% of these tokens (7,889,400) are available for sale and will be distributed on 10-10-2018.
We are sharing 5% of all our revenue with token holders live anytime our system receives a payment anywhere in the world.
All revenue here means all revenue, so also from our biological dynamic farms, honest material trading company, clean energy generation, exchange, online and offline games, stores, construction department, housing systems, clean water etcetera.
95% of the revenue is reinvested back into the system to ensure continuation and growth of the system.
We have a pure ownership, freedom and abundance-based system. No debt slavery.
We are aiming that on 10-10-2020 we can legally transfer ownership of all assets acquired so everyone and everything everywhere can become partial owner of this entire project and all its assets.
In 3 simple steps:
1. You can exchange your euros, dollar or other fiat currencies with an exchange like Coinbase or Indacoin to Bitcoins (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) or Litecoins (LTC).
2. Create an account on Chratos.io and deposit your Bitcoins (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) or Litecoins (LTC) in your dashboard.
3. You have now contributed to our crowdfunding project and will be rewarded with Chratos (CHR) tokens as soon as
we launch our blockchain, this is aimed to be on 10-10-2018.